About 150 km from Hanoi
See Tay, Dzao, Chinese Minority
Sleep in house on stilts of Forest Guardians
Marvel the Tropical forest

90km from Hanoi and 15 km from the main road 18th to Halong bay
you can see:
Relics and ruin of Tran dynasty
Buddhist pagoda Purgatoria Pagoda, Bronze Pagoda
Centre of Meditation of Truc Lam Yen tu ( School of Bamboo forest)
The National forest Yen Tu

 Cat ba is one of the favorite destinations for backpackers and who likes one less touristic atsmosphere. It is not difficult to go to this island and very economic during the period from october to april. So how we can go to Cat ba.

 If you take a boat trip from Halong bay to the border line of Cat ba national Park and Halong, to the Hang Sang and Hang toi area, you can see one of the most dangered primate in the world, The white headed langur.

 From whom love hide away from the rush of city

National park Cat ba and Viet hai Village
Lan ha Bay
monkey island
Quan Lan island
Coto island

 this new route of Pellican junks
Small boat to visit light and dark caves near Cat ba island
Sung sot cave

 Hon gai port
Private beach and Co cave
kayaking and  swiming
Vung vieng Village
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