It is the most visited museum in Vietnam, the Ethnographic Museum, Bao Tang Dan Toc Hoc, is an interesting picture of the 54 ethnic groups of the country

Tay Phuong pagoda has the most interesting colletion of arhats <la han> in Vietnam
one of the most attractive pagoda in outskirt of Hanoi
the favorite destination for day trip to visit Thay Pagoda, Tay Phuong Pagoda, Duong lam old village, and the rural area

 But thap pagoda in the middle of rual silence of red river plain, there still keeps all traditional value of Buddhism

 One of the interesting village for who loves kytes is Dan tao where you can live as local people and mingle with the traditions.

 If you love the quiet country side of Vietnam, the bamboo fence one the dyke of the country river, a small village, the old pagoda dates back to 1010 AC. Phat tich pagoda is not far from Hanoi, only 25 km. You can go to the pagoda in two directions, but one beautiful way is along the Duong river. 

 not very far from Hanoi, but this village Tho ha still keep its tradition. Old pagoda, brick house 300 years old, rice paper and rice cake all give us one complete vision of one vietnamese traditional Village.

 Ninh binh the alternative destination for Halong bay

 Quan Thanh Temple was built in 1010 by King Ly Thai To, the founder of Vietnam's illustrious Ly Dynasty in the same year he founded the capital Thang Long (Hanoi). The temple was much larger than the structure we see today. By the late 17th century the temple had fallen into disrepair. In 1677, King Hy Tong of the Le dynasty ordered the temple to be rebuilt and the old, neglected statue of Tran Vu to be replaced with one made of bronze. Later, during the Tay Son era (1788-1802), many religious monuments were destroyed around the country, but the temple survived despite attempts to destroy it.

Quan Thanh was restored in 1893. The temple as seen today is a little over one century old. It was renovated again in 1998. Renovation mainly consisted of repainting and repairs of the roof over the statue of Tran vu.

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