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The term indicates Boat People Vietnamese refugees fled by sea on often unsafe boats to features and maintenance.
Many of them have lost their lives at sea devoured by sharks or killed and robbed by Malaysian and Vietnamese pirates .
Few of them were lucky landing in Hong Kong or Malaysia at the center of some refugees centers, but from that moment began a long road to get to the land of the promises of paradise world.

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The Dong Son culture  was the typical and splendid Bronze Age culture in Vietnam and southern China dating back to 3000 years ago.
typical of Bronze Age objects were the bronze drums, spears, arrowheads, various types of bronze weapons, the ceremony of the burials in wooden boats, etc.

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 Vietnam and Sino war
Thursday, October 20, 2016
8:47 AM
Already since 1969, after the death of Ho Chi Minh, the relationship between Vietnam and China has not gone so well. While Peiking wanted Hanoi did a long guerrilla war and the small battle level, Hanoi wanted to liberate the South and unify the country.
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