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One of the most favorite destination "off the beaten trail" of Vietnam for lover of nature, culture, photography and wild emotion

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"Vietnam Budget Tours" offers you memorable travel experiences: walking and food street tour in Hanoi Old Quarter, incredible cruise in Halong Bay, cycling to Tra Que village, cooking class and food massage in Tra Que village which is 5 km away from Hoian Old Town, discovery to Cuchi tunnels, famous during Vietnam War, amazing cruise and discovery in My Tho and Ben Tre provinces, gateways to Mekong Delta. "Vietnam Budget Tours" balances high quality of services and value for your money.

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Les spécialités culturelles du Vietnam, aucun voyage touristique en beauté culturelle cachée, la route hors des sentiers battus, en évitant les groupes touristiques occidentaux, se concentrent sur les populations locales comme des groupes ethniques avec leurs coutumes et leurs charmes. Même dans les villes touristiques telles que Hanoi, nous pouvons obtenir loin de l'agitation et de nous plonger dans la méditation Zen Tai Chi et les saveurs, les goûts de la philosophie orientale de la cuisine. La baie classique de Ha Long est maintenant pollué par la politique industrielle et du tourisme de la ville de Ha forçant longtemps les bateaux pour suivre la route touristique, mais nous pouvons faire différemment !!! Une nouvelle route dans la baie épargnée par le tourisme de masse.

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Die kulturellen Spezialitäten von Vietnam Tour, keine touristische Reise in kulturelle verborgene Schönheit, die Route abseits der ausgetretenen Pfade, die Vermeidung von westlichen touristischen Gruppen, konzentrieren sich auf die Einheimischen als ethnische Gruppen mit ihren Bräuchen und Charme. Auch in den touristischen Städten wie Hanoi, können wir weg von der Hektik und tauchen Sie ein in Meditation, Zen, Tai Chi und Aromen, Geschmack der orientalischen Küche Philosophie. Die klassische Bucht von Ha lang ist jetzt durch die industrielle und touristische Politik der Stadt von Ha verlängert, die die Boote zwingt, der touristischen Route zu folgen, aber wir können unterschiedlich !!! Eine neue Route in der Bucht unberührt von Massentourismus.

Las especialidades culturare de Vietnam,ningún viaje de turismo en culturare belleza oculta, la ruta fuera de lugar popularNo encontrado grupos de turistas occidentales, pero las personas locales como grupos étnicos con sus costumbres y encantos.Incluso en las ciudades turísticas como Hanoi, podemos escapar del ajetreo y sumergirnos en la meditación, el Tai Chi Zen y sabores, sabores de la cocina oriental filosofíaLa bahía de Ha Long clásico ahora contaminado por la política industrial y el turismo de la ciudad de Ha Long obligando a los barcos para seguir ruta turística, pero podemos hacer de manera diferente !!! Una nueva ruta en la bahía al margen del turismo de masas.

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The cultural specialties of Vietnam, no touristic trip in cultural hidden beauty, the route off the beaten track, avoiding Western touristic groups, focus on local people as ethnic groups with their customs and charms. Even in the tourist cities such as Hanoi, we can get away from the hustle and immerse ourselves in meditation, Zen,  Tai Chi and flavors, tastes of oriental cuisine philosophy. The classic bay of Ha long is now polluted by industrial and tourism policy of the town of Ha long forcing the boats to follow tourist route, but we can do differently !!! A new route in the bay untouched by mass tourism.

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This tour cover all the most beautiful destinations in Vietnam and Cambodia. We will visit Hanoi capital of Vietnam with its attractive monuments as Temple of Literature, the old quarter, Ethnic museum, Ho Chi Minh complex mausoleum. Take the express train towards the moutainous area to meet the local ethnic minorities such as Hmong, Dzao, Dzay, etc and admire the terrace rice fields at Sapa.
down stream of red river to Ninh Binh where we take Sampan to discover the amazing Halong on earth, thousands of lime stones emerging from the water rice fields. Then we go to magical Halong bay having fresh seafood and spectacular view in our luxury boat.

The tour continues to Hue, Hoi an, where all the masterpieces of vietnamse people remain in all monuments. at Hoi an heritage town, we feel incredible with the lantern cerimony during the night and it merits 2 days of relax on the beach of golden sand.
and from the hustle and bustle Ho Chi Minh city to the tranquil of Mekong delta with its labryth of rivers and canels. We will upstream the Mekong river to the golden land of Khmer people and in Siemrep there are thousands of temples waiting for us...

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This trip allows to explore Vietnam with its affordable highlights: Halong bay - World Heritage Site since 1994, Hoian - ancient historic town, Hue - the Imperial capital. Taste the fresh tropical fruits at lush and green orchards in Mekong delta...


Price: only from 1000 USD
Discover Vietnam & Cambodia’s treasures: Colorful markets in Sapa, Halong bay - World Heritage Site since 1994, Hoian - ancient historic town, Hue - the Imperial capital. Taste the fresh tropical fruits at lush and green orchards. Wonder at Angkor Wat temples, the land of legend…
We design tour according to your desire and give best advices based on our experiences

Price: USD 1200 to 1500


Discover Laos, Vietnam & Cambodia’s treasures: peaceful town of Luang Prabang, charming capital of Hanoi, colorful markets in Sapa, Halong bay - World Heritage Site since 1994, Hoian - ancient historic town, Hue - the Imperial capital. Taste the fresh tropical fruits at lush and green orchards. Wonder at Angkor Wat temples, the land of legend…
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Mrs. Roberta Tione from Italy
classic tours
 Hallo Mario
We had a nice flight back home, and now we are redatto to get back to work. Which is the hardest part or been back home :( 
The journey through Vietnam was marvellous and did enjoyed very much! We do appreciate your and all the staff in Vietnamtravelart professional!
Thank you for our discovery of your beautiful country! 
Warmest Regards,
Mrs. Roberta Tione from Italy
Mario Nguyen
Mario Nguyen Mario Nguyen