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 Travel in Cambodia with tour organized by Vietnamtravelart experts, here are some hints: do and don't in Cambodia

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 The religion is very important for asian people, so there are many regulations the visitors have to respect when enter in one temple.

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 Vietnam is complicated country with many minorities, over 54. So to understand the customs of each minority is very important for tourists.

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 In Vietnam and other asian countries where there are laws, but  a few respect. Shopping is the art of understanding and communicating!

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 cheating is somthing not frequent in Vietnam, but happens. Recently, some tourists have been cheated buy taxi drivers, and cyclos. But all of them can get back their money, if they know how to solve problems.

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 The Asian Funeral
Asians make up five percent of the U.S. population and are expected to increase to nine percent by 2050. The largest ethnic subgroups are Chinese, Filipinos, Indians, Vietnamese, Koreans and Japanese.

Asians span a vast geographical, cultural and religious area and may follow Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Muslim, Christian or other religious practices. Many Asians living in the United States combine their native cultural traditions with Christian funeral practices.

Asian funerals are known for their length, solemn beauty and display of respect for their ancestors, to whom they look for help and guidance. The family plays a key role in shaping the ceremony, as do monks and priests, and each service will reflect the organizers’ unique requests.

So what we should do when encounter an asian funeral? in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia more...

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 Minority cultures in Southeast Asia are often time capsules of earlier lifestyles that have escaped the full force of globalisation’s effects. Consequently, they are a highlight for travellers to the region who want to get a sense of a country’s past…as it collides with the present.
But how do you ensure that while visiting, you don’t cause unintended damage or offence? You can show your respect for a culture by being educated about its ways, beliefs and taboos. Here are a few general guidelines:

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 For many of us younger Vietnamese, Tet always had been something very important to our families, to our culture and to our people.However, we often don’t understand certain things that the older folks in the family usually say and do during these 3 important days of the Lunar New Year.
Just like many of the young Vietnamese living overseas, I have been through the age of wondering and struggling to find out the real stories and reasons behind each activity and behavior that the Vietnamese people do for Tet.
You may not agree with some of the believes and traditions that I’m going to list below, but reading this list will save you a lot of headache and hopefully will help you in starting to appreciate the beauty of our Vietnamese culture and traditions:
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