The Nguom Ngao caves in Cao bang province

 The road to Nguom Ngao Cave from Ban Gioc waterfall is 3 km away on foot. We admire the breathtaking landscapes of the mountains, valleys, Tay villages, and vegetation. We discover one of the most impressive caves in North Vietnam, the 400 million year old grotto. the locals call it the cave of tigers-Nguom Ngao

 The caves of Nguom Ngao are an interweaving of almost 2500 m of caves and galleys discovered by a group of British speleologists. They are formed about 400 million years, very old. and caves are rich in stalagmites and stalactites that are formed through imperceptible processes to the eye, whose formation takes thousands of years. The development of these stalagmites and stalactites is due to the influx of water containing calcium carbonate which is deposited forming the concretions.


The average temperature of the caves is 20 ° C which increases slightly in summer and decreases slightly in winter. The humidity rate is rather high and it is usually recommended, for those who want to get inside, to wear a raincoat.


In all the caves it is necessary to be accompanied by a guide and some areas, particularly hostile to man. The most touristic route, that of the caves of Nguom Ngao, consists of a part of approach only along the margin and then by a guided pedestrian path; the length is about 1 km

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