Best things to do in Cambodia for travelling
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 Cambodia is one of the best places to visit in South East Asia. It has a rich history dating as far back as 6,000 B.C., the Bronze Age, and subsequent migration of the Indian religion that formed the Khmer Empire in 802 A.D. until modern explorers discovered it around the early 15th century. Needless to say there are so many things to see, visit, explore and enjoy during your travels in Cambodia. From the antiquities all the way up to the modern attractions, so you can be assured that you will never get board going from place to place with your travel gear.

Having said that, here are 100 best places to explore in Cambodia.

1. Phnom Penh


Is the name of most populated city of Cambodia located on the bank of Mekong and Tonle sap Rivers. It is also the capital of Cambodia and considered as the economical hub of the country. Large numbers of industries are installed here. The city withholds magnificent buildings and temples (some from the ancient times as well) which adds to its natural beauty.
How to go to Phnom Penh

2. National Museum

The museum withholds the terracotta structure of traditional designs. It has the displays of pottery and bronzes from ancient times.

3. Wat Phnom Hill

It was built in 1372, and has height of about 27 meters, and that’s made this hill the tallest religious structure in the city. The interior of the sanctuary has a central altar complex with a large bronze Buddha statue surrounded by other statues, flowers, candles and items of devotion and worship. Wat Phnom is known to be the central point of Phnom Penh and the only hill in town.
How to go to Wat Phnom Hill

4. Independence Monument

In 1953 Cambodia gained independence from France and this independence Monument is a symbol of that occasion build to give salute to the patriots who gave their lives for country. This Monument is very interesting place to visit and it is renounce for its peculiar style and unique style.
The independence monument is a symbolic and was built in 1958 which symbolizes the independence that Cambodia gained from France in 1953. The monument has a unique and peculiar style and its importance for the people of Cambodia is doubled as it is a memorial to Cambodian patriots who died for their country.

5. New Central Market

The market gives a view about the country’s local produce. People can also but antiques, textiles, gold and silver jewelry. How to go to New Central Market

6. Tonlé Sap

It is a freshwater lake, which flows seasonally. It is an attached river which connects to the Mekong Lake. Tonle Sap is best known for its sunset view. How to go to Tonlé Sap

7. Bayon Temple

It is in the city of Angkor Thom and situated at the distance of 1500 meter (4921 feet) from south gate. It has become a favorite monument of visitors. The temple is surrounded by the dense jungle which camouflages its position related to that of other structure in Angkor. The architecture of the temple shows grandness in every aspect. The elements of the structure when put together, creates harmony and balance. 2000 large faces are embossed on only 54 towers.

8. Angkor Wat


Initially Angkor Wat was built for Hindu’s but then later it is transformed into a Buddhist temple. Over the time period, it has become a major tourist attraction in the city.

9. Angkor Thom

This city has some history and holds several monuments from ancient times.On the right bank of the Siem Reap River, tributary of Tonle Sap is located and is about a quarter of a mile from the river.Meaning of the name of the Angkor Thom i Great City and this city was declared as the capital in Jayavarman VII’s reign and it was the last capital of Khmer Empire. The monument now includes the ruins of Royal Palace.
How to go to Angkor Thom

10. Siem Reap

It is the capital city of Siem Reap Province, in northwestern Cambodia. The local culture and economy of the city primarily depends on the tourism. It is also known as the gateway to the ruins of Angkor, the seat of Khmer Kingdom, which adds to the preservation of ancient culture- quite a sight to see. The city is known as modern gateway to the archeological sites. It has boutique hotels, large resorts, numerous galleries and spas. The Angkor national museum displays thousands of Buddha statues and images. The old market and Angkor market sell wares like souvenirs, books and spices.
How to go to Siem Reap

11. Angkor Archeological Park

The park stretches over 400 square kilometers and includes the forested areas. Remains of several capitals of the Khmer Empire of the 9th to the 15th centuries are present here. Temple of Angkor Wat and, at Angkor Thom, the Bayon Temples are highlighted among all.

12. Preah Khan

It is located at the distance of 2 kilometers from the north-east of Angkor Thom. This temple was built in 12th century by King Jaya-varman VII.

13. Sothy’s Pepper Farm

It is the main and the large pepper farm and is also known as Kampot Farm. It was started on March 11 2013 when Sothy bought it from its former owner.

14. Banteay Samre

This was built by king Banteay Samre in 12th Century located from the distance of 400 meter from East Baray. Its interior has very amazing feature of providing ethereal atmosphere when filled with water. Horizontal moating is carried out in some areas surrounded by decorated figures framed by lotus buds.

15. War Museum

This museum provides amazing experience to vision with unique view of distasted face by Cambodia since last 3 decades. It also provides very informative knowledge to the visitor about the actual picture of Cambodia war. Some troops like Tank-54, 85-mm divisional gun, MiG-19 jet fighter aircraft and so many other machines are available for visitors.

16. The Victory Gate

The victory gate in Cambodia is one of the gates which lead into the ancient town of Angkor Thom. Of 5 separate gates, it is known to be more interesting and most visited. Victory Gate Highlights include the marvelous carved heads leading up Victory Way to the gate, and then the similar carved faces which make up the head of the gate.


17. Royal Palace

This building is one of the most prestigious in Cambodia and has served as the residence of kings since 1860. It has very complex but beautiful design located in Phnom Penh City.

18. Ta Prohm

Cambodia is full of temples and this temple is situated in Angkor, Diem Reap Province. Its most distinctive and magnificent feature is that trees grow out of the ruins, that is the reason it is known as undisputed capital of the kingdom of the trees with lots of wonders and natural beauty. This area has been left untouched by the archeologists because of its natural state, it is possible for the visitors to experience the wonders of the early explorers. It is surrounded by a dense jungle which adds to its natural beauty, creating a romantic aura.

19. Ocheteaul Beach

This beach travels from Serendipity beach and approx. 3 kilometers to Otres Beach. Visitors can enjoy delicious food in different restaurant running along with the beach. All kindly of seafood, pizza, burgers and other eatables are present in these restaurants and people can enjoy the food on comfortable chairs and beach stand.

20. Otres Beach

Otres beach lies beyond the Phnom Som Nak Sdach, hill of King’s Palace. The beach is very large in length; it has clean water. Visitors has remarked it as a very relaxed place. It has dozens of small-scale independent resorts and beach bungalows.

21. ONE Day Spa

ONE is a sustainable income generation project run by the Cambodian Kids Foundation. Since opening in 2012, ONE has trained and nurtured more than 20 beautiful women, and provided them with a safe and secure workplace, as well as a range of new skills that have helped to set them up for a bright future.

22. Phka Kn’jay Fashion Boutique

In 2013, Pich Thavy opened his shop in Street 242, a residential area of Phnom Penh, after five years’ experience working with tailors and fashion designers in Phnom Penh. A small mansion was converted into a studio cum workshop, attracting a foreign clientele looking for dresses in a casual style adapted to a tropical climate. How to get to Phka Kn’jay Fashion Boutique

23. Water Festival (October or November)

One of the biggest events, it takes place every year in Phnom Penh (capital of Cambodia), it starts in the end of October or beginning of December where full moon exists. All the people from the Cambodia gather on the bank of the Mekon river and enjoy the sight of so many colorful boats racing to each other with fifty fifty paddlers on them giving their hard out.

24. Khmer New Year’s Day (Mid-April)


This day is celebrated in coloration of a Thai New year like a festival marks the turn of the year. It is celebrated according to the ancient Khmer calendar. It is also known to celebrate the end of harvest because most of the harvesting is done by April in Cambodia. Cambodian families would traditionally prepare a table, decorated with variety of flowers, different kinds of fruits and other sacred objects. They believe that after decorate the house they will also decorate their homes to please the Heaven God. The celebration continues for three days where people spend happiest times of the year.

25. Angkor Festival (November or December)

This event is the longest running event for photography in the South Asia region. It is also known as Angkor Photo Festival which is recognized as the longest-running photography event in all over Southeast Asia. This event provides opportunities to new emerging photographers to establish worldwide and show their skills internationally.

26. Battambang

In the heart of north western Cambodia there is a city Battambang. The main business of this city is a production of rice with leading quality. This city is considered as a commercial hub for the country, that is why announced a capital for Siamese province.
Battambang is the capital city of Battambang province in north western Cambodia. It was founded in the 11th century by the Khmer Empire. Battambang is the leading rice-producing province of the country. It was a major commercial hub and provincial capital of Siamese province of Inner Cambodia, for about 100 years.

27. Kampot

Around 5 km from the Gulf of Thailand there is a capital of Kampot province name as Kampot. This city is a good exporter of high quality paper material prepare locally. This city is located at Preak Tuek River famous for fish sauce.

28. Phnom Kulen National Park

Phnom Kulen National Park is a National park in Cambodia. It is located in the Phnom Kulen mountain massif in Siem Reap Province.

29. Chup Preah

Chup Preah is the plain spot where cool water flows. It is one of the archeological sites located in Phnom Kulen National Park. It is located in the mountain’s valley. There are many things that can be seen here like The big Buddhist statue.

30. Kbal Spean

Another name of Kbal Spean is Valley of a thousand Lingas. This valley is situated on mountain along the Kabal Spean river.

31. Terrace of Sdach Kamlung

It is a temple made of bricks from middle.

32. Preah Ang Thom

Preah Ang Thom is a statue of the reclining Buddha reaching nirvana which is 8 meters tall. The statue is carved into a huge sandstone boulder.

33. Koh Rong

This is an island with four communities. This island has many resorts to entertain foreign visitors, and is the second largest island of Cambodia.

34. Pailin Province

Pailin is a province in western Cambodia at the northern edge of the Cardamom Mountains. To most of the world, it is known for having been a stronghold of the Khmer Rouge. It is also known for its natural resources.
How to get to Pailin Province

35. Bokor Hill Station

Bokor Hill Station refers to a collection of French colonial buildings, constructed as a temperate mountain luxury resort and retreat for colonial residents in the early 1920s. as it was abandoned for a long period of time, the place is now easily accessible and available for re-development which is being done now.

36. Oudong

In northeastern part of Kampong Speu Province there is a town name as Oudong. If you want to reach there you need to trace the foot hill. This town is served as a capital of Cambodia for almost 250 years with and serving honor of Royal kings.

37. Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary

In Eastern Cambodia there is an area known for its largest wildlife sanctuary. It also has the biggest protected are lies in Cambodia and Vietnam border. This is largest protected area in Southeast Asia.


38. Neak Leung

This town is a capital of Peam Ror District. This town has served as an important battle ground for Cambodia due to its strategic location. It is also a commercial town of Cambodia located on the Mekong.
Neak Leung is a commercial town in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia. It is located on the Mekong. It is the commune center for Neak Leung commune and also is the capital of Peam Ror District. Due to its strategic location, the town and port of Neak Leung have served as a significant battleground in the history of Cambodia.
How to go to Neak Leung

39.Kampong Tralach District

This is one of the developed district in Cambodia which is located 37 kilometers to the south of Kampong Chhang River. It has very good infrastructure have 5 National highways as well which connect this district from north to south. This district though small in the area but by population it is one of the biggest in province.
Kampong Tralach District is in the south east of Kampong Chhnang Province, in central Cambodia. The capital of district is Kampong Tralach town which is located 37 kilometers to the south of provincial capital Kampong Chhang. The most recognized River of Cambodia, Tonle Sap River runs through the district crossing roughly from north to south. It is known to have a very significant road infrastructure and National Highway 5 which runs from Phnom Penh to Poipet crosses the district from north to south. By the land area, it is one of the smaller districts in Kampong Chhnang province but by the population, it makes one of the largest districts in the province. Due to well irrigated land and good transport infrastructure, people are more likely to settle there.
How to go to Kampong Tralach District

40. Kampong Trach District

This district is located near the Eastern border of Vietnam. It is one of the 8 districts that Kampot Province consist on.

41. Krong Ta Khmau District

Krong Ta Khmau is known to be one of the largest cities in Kandal Province which is in Central Cambodia. It is also the capital of the province. The city is about 11 km south of Phnom Penh. It is further divided into 6 communes and 20 villages. More than 60% of the locals of Krong Ta Khmau travel to Phom Penh (Capital of Cambodia) to work.
How to go to Krong Ta Khmau District

42. Doun Kaev

Krong Daun Keo is the capital of Takéo Province, Cambodia. The province is most known for silk weaving. About 10,000 of the total 15,000 Cambodian weavers are settled there.

43. O Smach

This town is situated on Thai border. In 1999 this town was unsafe because of the battle going on, but in 2003 town was open after the internationalborder crossing agreement between Cambodia and Thailand. Ever since that, a large number of casinos has been opened between Thai and Cambodian airport.

44. Krong Kep

This is small town with the population of 35,990 lies in Kep province. The common business in this town is fishery business.

45. Kirirom National Park

This park has several section some lies in Phnom Sruoch district and some lies in neighboring Koh Kong province and some lies in Kampong Speu Province.

46. Kampong Phluk

Kampong Phluk is a village in Siem Reap Province in northern-central Cambodia. It is a village built on stilts on the Tonle Sap. The name means “Harbor of the Tusks”.

47. Koh Rong Sanloem

Koh Rong Sanloem is an island off the coast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Its length is about 9 kilometers and its width on average is about 4 kilometers whereas it run to 1 kilometer at its narrowest point. Koh Rong Sanloem is situated in Sihanoukville province’s Mittakpheap district. Along with the Koh Rong Island, it has been established to serve as a best holiday destination for tourists and travelers all around the world.

48. Kratié: On the bank of Mekong River there is a small town known as Kratie. It is a capital of Kratie Province.

The city is known to be the central marketplace with old, French building surrounding it. The red flowered trees that grow alongside the bank of the river adds to its natural beauty. Big island and a white sand beached is also a part of this city. River contains large number of dolphins which are good attraction for visitors.The estimated numbers of dolphins that are found in the upper Cambodian Mekong area are about 66 to 86.

49. Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary Biosphere Reserve

At the north-west corner of the most recognized River, Tonle Sap, lies the very well-known Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary Biosphere Reserve. It lies in the category of eco-tourism and is very popular for that. The sanctuary ha a large number of birds coming from different species.

50. Oudong

Oudong is a town in Cambodia, situated in the north-western part of Kampong Speu Province. At the foothill of the mountain Phom Udong, lies the town of Oudong. It served as a royal residence and the capital of Cambodia for about 250 years until 1866.


51. Banteay Chhmar

Banteay Chhmar consists of about 14 villages in the Puok District. a commune in Thma Puok District in Banteay Meanchey province in northwest Cambodia. Each village is most important and least understood archeological center.

52. Anlong Veng District

Another name of Anlong Veng district is Anlong Veng. This district lies in Oddar Meanchey province. The estimated population of this district is not present in the record because no census has been carried here since many years.

53. Tonle Bati

Tonle Bati is a small lake about 30 km south of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. In the loclas, it is best known for spending weekends. The tourists and locals, both enjoy fishing there. One of the many shelters, Ta Prohm is located near to the lake. The shelter houses numerous statues of Jayabuddhamahanatha. It is situated on a mountain top which requires a visitor to climb 461 steps.

54. Botum Sakor National Park

It is a biggest national park of Cambodia. Land of this park is around 171250 hectares surrounded by mountains and water. This is very beautiful place under the administration of Ministry of Environment. This park is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand.

55. Senmonorom

The only major town in the province of Mondulkiri is Senmonorom. There are almost 12 restaurants, 7000 inhabitants, 2 bars, 20 guesthouses and a post office inside the town.

56. Skuon

It is located 49 kilometers away towards west of Kampong Cahm city. Skuon is the district capital of Cheung Prey district. In local language Skuon is also known as ‘SpiderVille’ because of the especially of fried spider mostly like by visitors.

57. Stung Treng

In western part of the Virahey National Park Stung treng is located. It is known to be the major city of the province and the district, both. The population here is about 29,665. The town is situated on the high sandy Mekong River bank.

58. Bakong

Bakong has an honor of being the first temple mountain of sandstone. This amazing structure is constructed by rulers of the Khmer empire at Angkor. Bakong has a structure more similar to the Pyramid as it has steps. The complex is recognized as the Temple Mountain of early Khmer temple architecture.

59. Wat Phnom

A Buddhist temple, situated in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Wat Phnom was built in 1372. Its height from the ground is about 27 meters. It known to be the tallest structure in the whole city. It is also known to be the center of the Phnom Penh city.

60. Srah Srang

At Angkor, Cambodia, Srah Srang is a reservoir which is located in the south of the East Baray. It has an area of 700 meters by 35 meters and is still partially flooded. How to go to Srah Srang

61. Wat Ounalom

Located on Siswath Quay in Phnom Penh, Cambodia near the Royal Palace, lies Wat Ounalom. It is a Buddhist temple and is known as a very important temple of the city and the center of Cambodian Buddhism. Tips of getting to Wat Ounalom

62. Botum Sakor National Park

It is the biggest national park in the country located at a peninsula projection of south wales. The land of this park consist on 171, 250 hectares and covers an area about the three district Botum Sakor, Koh Kong and Kin Sakor.
Situated on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Botum Sakor is known to be the biggest national park of Cambodia. Botum Sakor is a peninsula projecting southwest from the Cardamom Mountains. The national park comprises 171,250 hectares of designated park land and spans three districts of Koh Kong Province: Kiri Sakor, Botum Sakor and Koh Kong.

63. Cambodia–Vietnam Friendship Monument

In the capital city of Cambodia Phnom Penh there is a huge monument. This monument is a symbol of friendship between Vietnam and Cambodia installed in late 70‘s. This monument is place in Royal Park.
The Cambodia–Vietnam Friendship Monument is situated in Phnom Penh (capital of Cambodia) is a large monument which shows respect for the former alliance between Vietnam and Cambodia. Built by the communist regime in the late 70s, the monument is located in the Botum Park, which is near to the Royal Palace and in the center of Phnom Penh. It flaunts heroic statues of Vietnamese and Cambodian soldiers. The monument is in a popular park in the middle of the city.

64. Krol Ko

To the north of Neak Pean, at Angkor, Cambodia, lies Krol Ko which is a Buddhist temple, built during the reign of Jayavarman VII at the end of the 12th century.

65. Beng Mealea

If you go 40 kilometers East of the group of temples at Angkor, you will find the Buddhist temple of ancient times, Beng Mealea or Bung Mealea.

66. Prasat Neak Pean

On the East of Prah Khan there is a temple known as Prasat Neak Pean. This temple has a distance of 300 meter from the road. This temple reflects the beauty, luxury and simplicity of old art.


67. Prasat Baphuon

On the distance on 656 feet northwest from south of Phimeanankers and north of golden Tower, the tower of Branze (Baphun) is located.

68. Prasat Lolei

Prasat Lolei is at Roluos, north of Bakong. It is best known for a modern Buddhist temple which is located near to the central towers. It was built in the end of 19th century. It is known to be dedicated to Transitional between Prah Ko and Bakheng.

69. Prasat West Mebon

Four kilometers to the west of Angkor Thom, is where Prasat West Mebon is located. It is best known for West Mebon temple which was built in second half of 11th century.

70. West Baray

West Baray is located at Angkor and is the largest man-made body of water. The visitors are able to book a boat to travel to the island. It is believed that the West Mebon temple stood there once.

71. Street Food Experience at Siem Reap

Siem Reap is a busy city in Cambodia but it becomes a bustling town at night! Going around Siem Reap you won’t be able to resist the aroma of the street foods that are being sold from one street corner to the next. So buy some and sample the taste of these delicious appetizers as you stroll along the streets. I highly recommend the fish amok, grilled pork on skewers, chive cake and steamed pork bun.

72. Tonle Sap Cruise Small-Group Tour

Go on an educational tour and travel by remork (Cambodian tuk tuk) and local boat. Cruise over the shimmering surface of Tonle Sap Lake and pass by stilted floating villages. Observe the surroundings for rare wildlife, watch agricultural traditions like harvesting, rice planting and cricket catching. This could be the best cruise you’ll be on and it’s on a lake too!

73. Cambodian Village Cooking Class

They say that Asian food taste great, because they’re exotic. Well, what if you could cook Asian food yourself, wouldn’t that be exciting? It sure is! So, enroll in one of the village cooking lessons when you go to Cambodia and learn how to cook local foods from a chef who also lives in the same village where you’ll be taking lessons from. Eat a 3-course meal with your favorite beer or soda afterwards.

74. Cambodian Arts Traditional Dance Show

The traditional dance show of Cambodia is believed to be the same or similar to those that were performed during the time of the Kher Empire which is like 1,200 years old! The dancer’s outfit, dance choreography and probably even the music have been well preserved to this day. So it’s quite a unique experience to see this 60-minute dance art that were, once upon a time, devoted to the gods.

75.) Angkor Complex Zipline Adventure

The infamous Flight of the Gibbons tour from Siem Reap is a one long crazy zipline ride that lets you see the forest and the ancient sites there! You’ll travel up seven staircases, across four hanging bridges and soar through jungle tree tops on 10 ziplines in order to complete this tour.

76. Killing Fields and Prison S21 Tour

The Khmer Rouge is probably as notorious as the Nazis in WWII, because they were responsible for the deaths of over 2 million Cambodians from 1975 – 1979 and the civil wars in the country only recently ended around the 1990s. The Killing Fields and Prison S21 is a living testament to their atrocities which will forever be remembered by the people of Cambodia. Perhaps in this tour you can learn something about empathy and be a force to prevent future human sufferings on this scale.

77. Volunteer to Save the Bears

And speaking about being a force for good, you can also help save the bears in Cambodia by volunteering to be a helper in the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre (PTWRC) for at least 1 week (maximum time you can stay is 8 weeks).
How to book a tour to Half-Day Bike Tour

80. Islands of the Mekong Bike Tour from Phnom Penh

Yes, you read it right – there are islands inside Cambodia! Well, you may think that that’s impossible, right? I mean, Cambodia is land-locked, so how could there be islands in it? The reason for it is the Mekong River. Somehow by some chance it created small islands that can be trekked by foot, ferries or, in this case, bicycles. You’ll see a lot of the Cambodian countryside and village life if you take a bicycle tour than any other means of transportation. So, try it and find out for yourself.

81. Private Day Tour: Banteay Srei Off the Beaten Track

The 10-century red sandstone structure, Banteay Srei, is famous for its intricate and well-preserved decorative carvings. This is a great place to take selfies from.


How to go to Banteay Srei

82. Half-Day Angkor Tuk-Tuk Explorer Tour from Siem Reap

Explore the Angkor Wat by riding a motorized tricycle called, the “tuk-tuk” and see it from a different perspective. There will be stopovers to check on specific sites together with your tour guide and they’ll tell you the history of the Khmer people.
How to go to Angkor Tuk-Tuk Explorer Tour

83. Cambodian Pottery Class in Siem Reap

Your visit to Cambodia will not be complete until you’ve tried making your own pottery works and enrolling in one of their pottery workshops is where you’ll learn it. But this isn’t just any ordinary pottery, no, pottery making here dates as far back as 800 A.D. which is cool to learn.

84. Bokor Hill Station

Back in the 1800s the French government decided to colonize parts of Asia and this included Vietnam and Cambodia. Along with colonization you will see the colonizers build buildings with their signature architecture in it. The Bokor Hill Station is a prime example of French colonial buildings and a reminder of Cambodia’s past.
How to go to Bokor Hill Station

85. Cambodia Landmine Museum

Another less than glorious reminder of Cambodia’s past is the ruthlessness of the Khmer Rouge in the Landmine Museum. Cambodia was at war with Vietnam at that time and so the Khmer Rouge made sure that the Vietnamese troops will not gain a foothold inside Cambodian territory, so they planted landmines all over the place. Many are still hidden in the jungles to this day and some people, even children have lost their limbs as they accidentally stepped on one of these landmines. The museum’s founder was a former Khmer Rouge soldier who was forced to join their ranks, but is now rehabilitated and he also founded a school besides the museum to take care of victims of the landmines.

86. Preah Vihear Temple

See the ancient ruins of a Hindu temple known as Preah Vihear. Cambodia in the past were an offshoot of the Hindu people and that is why they carried their traditions even when they migrated east. It’s an amazing sight to see.

87. Bamboo Trains

Once long ago after the French left Cambodia the people in remote

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