The Viet people and its territory
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 600 million years ago, the sea has been withdrawn and our planet has moved. The Hymalaya range has been formed and important mountain ranges have been raised in Vietnam.

 The Viet people and its territory
600 million years ago, the sea has been withdrawn and our planet has moved. The Hymalaya range has been formed and important mountain ranges have been raised in Vietnam.
The Hoang Lien chain from west to north with the highest peak of the South-Asian countries, FanSipan and the Ha-giang chain from east to north.
The formation of the backbone An Nam, Truong Son, runs along the whole territory of Vietnam from North to South, up to 1200 km long as if it were the back of the dragon. The dragon of the southern sea has the head to the north and the tail to the south extending the body more than 3200 km along the sea. Once more time about 250 million years ago, the dragon opened its mouth and dropped thousands of jades so they are called the jades of the dragon bay. Halong means dragons descent. The scales of the dragon form a very variable territory in every area of the country where there are different natures, climate variables and also the diversity of people.
The belly of the dragon is the fertile plain of the Mekong River, or nine dragons in Vietnamese Cuu long where it supplies the largest production of rice and agricultural products in the country.
From the mountains, from the mother earth from heaven comes an important source, the mother river. As if it came from the mother's belly with all her blood. It is called the red river.
Local legend tells that in this river lives a dragon  called Lac Long Quan. One day, the heavenly phoenix Au co got married with him. A bulb was born with 100 children inside. One day, they grew up and left for all areas of Vietnam. This explains the reason why in Vietnam there are so many ethnic groups.
The Viet people are believed to come from one of a hundred tribes of the Viet that are settled from southern China to the red river plain 5000 years ago. The tribe was called Lac Viet. During the Bronze Age about 2000 years ago, the imprint of an independent and evidential state is already very clearly identified via many archeological finds at various sites in Vietnam. Among many archaeological symbols, there is the bronze drum of Dong son which is a clear proof for the existence of the state of the Viet.
The bronze drums are also found in southern China, the Philippines, Indonesia where experienced a southern civilization before it was assimilated by northern Chinese culture. The invasion of Emperor Quin Sui Huang Di and his unification of China in 221 A.c was recalled via the defeat of the state Au Lac of the Viet. The history of these people after the loss of King An Duong Vuong to the Chinese has gone through so many ups and downs.
The Chinese from the north of the Quin dynasty sent his army to rule the Viet people. At a place called Co loa where found the bronze artifacts, the bronze arms like those at Xian of the Quin dynasty . there is still polemic of who possessed these weapons, Chinese or Vietnamese ?.
The history of the Viet people has been greatly influenced by the history of great China. Any Chinese emperor wanted to expand to the south. In fact, almost a thousand years, the Viet people and its land have been considered a province of the Chinese emperor. It was called Giao Chi which means two toes of the foot cross that was a characteristic of local people.
Thousands years under the domination and also the waves of immigration from the North, but the people of the south, the Viet have not been assimilated by the Chinese. There is always a spirit of independence and a determined desire to maintain Vietnamese language and indentity. We know that many customs and traditions are the same between Vietnamese and Chinese. But, the Vietnamese do not see them and feel Chinese.
The most valuable value of the Vietnamese people is its language. The language is rich and has an important import from the Chinese language. But, it is not a passive import of Vietnamese. For many years, all sounds of Chinese words have already been modified, mixed, combined in a Vietnamese way.
Variety and richness also have two sides. A rich country was wanted by the strongest enemies.  a country with so many differences is likely to split up. In fact, although the legend had explained the equal origin of the people that come from the same bulb, the country has suffered so many centuries of civil war. History has proved that the country is not lost from an external enemy, but first of all from an internal enemy. If the government does not unite, the people do not agree, the country sooner or later is broken by itself, or by an external enemy.
In the 13th century, the Tran dynasty was corrupted , the power was divided between groups of families like that of the Ho. The consequence is an invasion of the Chinese Ming dynasty. In the 17th century, the civil war between many lordships was the cause of the invasion of the Ching dynasty. In the 18th century, the Nguyen dynasty was weak, the country lost its independence to the French. More recently, the history of the world has seen a bloody war, the Vietnam war, a war between Vietnamese and the important role of the Americans.
Unity is the life of every people, especially a people that has a complicated history like the Vietnamese one.

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