Hoi an the paradise for returning the traditional value of Old Vietnam
05/06/2013 | 11:00

    Hoi an still preserves its old value and making it become one of the most fascinating destinations for travellers. At Hoi an, each corner has something to tell us about the story of the culture. The tiny town keeps inside quiet atsmosphere and the mood of meditation. here you can wander slowly in the old street once crowded with merchants from all over the world. 

In this living museum, you can do everything you like but not forget its highlights, walking from the japanese old bridge dated back the 16 century, around it you can enter to see the Phung Hung house, but not far away there are two others worth to visit, Tan Ky and Tran. 
 the mixture of chinese culture with vietnamese style is very present here. Many old temples and communial houses give us a clear vision of chinese footprint.


Mrs. Roberta Tione from Italy
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 Hallo Mario
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The journey through Vietnam was marvellous and did enjoyed very much! We do appreciate your and all the staff in Vietnamtravelart professional!
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Mrs. Roberta Tione from Italy
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