Special Cultural Tour in Vietnam

The cultural specialties of Vietnam, no touristic trip in cultural hidden beauty, the route off the beaten track, avoiding Western touristic groups, focus on local people as ethnic groups with their customs and charms. Even in the tourist cities such as Hanoi, we can get away from the hustle and immerse ourselves in meditation, Zen,  Tai Chi and flavors, tastes of oriental cuisine philosophy. The classic bay of Ha long is now polluted by industrial and tourism policy of the town of Ha long forcing the boats to follow tourist route, but we can do differently !!! A new route in the bay untouched by mass tourism.

Day 1: Hanoi - Arrival (- / - / -)
Day 2: Discovery of the city of Hanoi, the practice of Zen and Taichi, Cooking class (B / L / -)
Day 3: Hanoi - Ba Be overnight in local house of minority people (230 km) (B / L / D)
Day 4: Ba Be Lake - Bao Lac (132 km) (B / L / -)
Day 5: Bao Lac - visit black Lolo  Ethnic Village - (90km) Meo Vac - (30km) Dong Van (B / L / -)
Day 6: Dong Van - Ha Giang (150Km) (B / L / -)
Day 7: Ha Giang - Sapa (250 km) (B / L / -)
Day 8: Sapa - Hike to the village of ethnic groups - Stay in a minority House Dzay or red Dzao (B / L / D)
Day 9: Sapa - Mu Cang Chai in the most beautiful terrace rice fields of Vietnam (140 km)
(B / L / -)
Day 10: Mu Cang Chai - Nghia Lo (100 km) (B / L / D)
Day 11: Nghia Lo - Hanoi (200 km) (B / L / -)
Day 12: Hanoi - Dinh Vu-Halong Bay and Lan Ha bay (100km) (B / L / D)
Day 13: Halong Bay-Vu Dinh - Hanoi-Flight to departure (B / BRUNCH / -)
Day 1: Hanoi - Arrival (- / - / -)

Meet our guide and transfer to hotel for check in

Leisure and overnight in Hanoi.

Day 2: Hanoi visit Tai Chi lesson and Flavors of Vietnam (B / L / -)

As the great philosophies and schools of martial arts were born in China, though the place to be born and inherit it is in Vietnam.  China has spent great movements and conflicts in which no one has gotten along with each other. Must flee to hide from the South, that is Vietnam. With caracter of flexible and harmonious country, the land of Viet has absorbed all.

Taijiquan (or Ta'i chi ch'uan "fist of the supreme pole" ??) is both moving meditation, martial arts, gymnastics, expressive method, discipline bionaturale. Its effects on the nervous system and circulation, obtained through slow and natural movements, are affordable for people of all ages.
We go to the famous Taoist temple in Hanoi where we learn the mystery of the art of longevity. (Thon ngoc tri, xa thach ban)

The Vietnamese cooking philosophy is based on '' eating for health and buontà '' '. For centuries, people inherit and invent thousands dishes to rich nature of Vietnam. All ingredients and flavors are combined in ingenious way the maximum of harmony and balance.
Yin and Yang and the five elements theory are applied in Vietnamese cuisine. With the depth of knowledge of nature, our chefs offer the best dishes and explanations.

Day 3: Hanoi - Ba Be (230 km) (B / L / D)

Departure at 08:00 for Lake of Ba Be, "the Bay of Ha Long in the mountains"
On the way he stops to visit some villages of ethnic minorities, including the Tay, Nung, cross the stunning landscapes in Bac Kan province.
Arrive at noon to Ba Be National Park. Canoe trip on Ba Be Lake.
accommodation in the village of Bo Lu at the minority house, the lake of Ba Be populated by Ethnic Group of Tay.
free time to relax in the middle of the national park. Dinner and overnight with the minority.

After traveling 230 km drive north of Hanoi, the fatigue disappears when it appears a blue lake with crystal clear water, which is formed between the limestone mountains, the sky and the clouds here and there, a couple of boats that glide peacefully. Visitors then leave, blended in total tranquility of this divine vision of an extraordinary lake.

Day 4: Ba Be Lake - Bao Lac (132km) (B / L / -)

Embark on a local boat for a cruise on Lake Ba Be.
follow the river of Nang in the middle of beautiful limestones,  grotto Puong and the Dau Dang waterfall
Trekking on the mountain slopes overlooking the lake and visit the villages of Hmong and Tay along the Nang River.
In the afternoon, he leaves the Ba Be lake to Bao Lac on a beautiful mountain road through the valley of Tinh Tuc.
On the way he stops to visit some ethnic minority villages. Dinner. Night in a hotel in Bao Lac.

Day 5: Bao Lac - Village of The ethnicity of the black LO LO - (90km) Meo Vac - Dong Van (30km) (B / L / -)

After breakfast, transfer to the village of Lo Lo blacks across the road and down a mountain path leading to the bottom of a valley lost half the selvegie hills and mountains where seventy families of the way you live in self-sufficient and live with their primitive tradition.

Visit of the village and in contact with the ethnic Lolo blacks.
The cool morning, you can take part in morning work: raise pigs, buffalo fetch water at the source, build a fire ...

Back to Bao Lac for lunch before going to Dong Van Meo Vac through the step of Ma Pi Leng and rising to over 2000 meters on the road of happiness. Do some 'trekking along the passage to see the beautiful view of the valley with fields of hemp on the terrace, karst hills, houses on stilts of Mong, Dao and admiring the romantic and peaceful Nho Que River originates from China and covering the territory Vietnamese like a white silk strip.
Along the way, you have the chance to meet people from different ethnic groups and to discover their culture and daily life.
Arrive in Dong Van in late afternoon. accommodation at the hotel. Overnight at hotel.

Day 6: Dong Van - Ha Giang (165 km) (B / L / -)

Small local breakfast at the hotel.
Visit Dong Van market which plays only on Sunday morning, and then, later, the old houses that have more than 400 years,
Departure to Ha Giang via Quan Ba, Yen Minh.
15 km from Dong Van, stop to visit the Royal Palace, the King Vuong Chi Sinh, a famous historical site dating back to the colonial period.
Continue with a visit to the beautiful village of La Sung (H'mong) with typical houses with walls of mud and thatched roofs.
Lunch at a local restaurant before continuing the road to Yen Minh Ha Giang.
stop to admire the Heavenly Gate, the mountains of the village of Mong and Dao. Overnight in Ha Giang.

Day 7: Ha Giang - Sapa (250 km) (B / L / -)

Breakfast in the hotel.
Drive to Sa Pa by Viet Quang- Pho Rang-Lao Cai
stop to admire the hills of green tea.
Lunch on the road.
The landscape becomes more and more interesting to Sapa through the most impressive rice terraces of the country.
Overnight at hotel in Sapa.

Day 8: Sapa - Hike to the village of ethnic groups
- Overnight the local house (B / L / D)

This morning we do a hike to Cat Cat village, nestled in a beautiful valley of terraced rice fields.

You meet people of the minority of Black H'Mong.
They are recognizable by their blue robes usually black or dark. These colors are made from hemp or indigo that grow in the region. Women wear dresses and embroidered aprons and blue are covered with turbans, while the men are dressed in baggy pants and shirts in the same dark colors.
Lunch in a restaurant in Sa Pa.
The afternoon is the best time of day for a hike in the valley, along the river Muong Hoa. This is the most beautiful valleys of the North Viet Nam with probably the most impressive rice terraces. It passes through the villages of Lao Chai, Ta Van and meets the ethnic groups of H'mong, Giay, Red Dao, the largest community 'in the region, each still retains its authentic cultural identity.
At nightfall, you reach the village of Ta Van, we will be greeted by a Giay family in this village, and you begin to discover their life, their culture and live like them. The patron prepares us for dinner and spend the night at home with basic facilities (shower, cover, local mattress).
Night at the inhabitant of the village of Ta Van Giay.

Day 9: Sapa - Mu Cang Chai (140 km) (B / L / -)

After breakfast with the family, walk to the village of Giang Ta Chai.
Return to Sa Pa and transfer from road to Mu Cang Chai crossing the Hoang Lien Son range near its peak, the famous Monte Fanxipan before crossing a plain formed by the Nam Na River.
A few stops along the way are provided to allow you to discover landscapes.
Arrival in the small village of Mu Cang Chai mountain in the late afternoon - noon. Walk in the village of Om Khom, leaning against a mountain and overlooking a vast field where the locals grow rice, corn, vegetables and sweet potatoes.
Overnight in a local hotel in Mu Cang Chai.

Day 10: Mu Cang Chai - Nghia Lo (100 km) (B / L / D)

After breakfast, transfer to Mu Cang Chai the "Photographer's road" through magnificent landscapes, especially between May and October.
stops along the ritch to allow you to contemplate the beautiful and scenic rice terraces now classified national natural heritage, particularly on the neck Khau Pha, with stunning views over the valley of  Tu Le.
Arrive at Nghia Lo middle of the afternoon. Accommodation at the house of Black Thai ethnic group. His house on stilts, built in the middle of the wooden Muong Lo Valley, the second biggest valley in northern Vietnam.
While the hosts prepare the dinner, you take a walk or bicycle in the village of Nghia An and the surrounding villages, mostly populated by Thai people to discover their culture and their daily lives.
Back at local home and dinner with the hosts that tells the past and present life of Thai, their original costumes.
Dinner and overnight in the Thai family.

Day 11: Nghia Lo - Hanoi (200 km) (B / L / -)

Breakfast with the locals.
Departure for the return to Hanoi. It crosses the central region of the red earth hills, corn, cassava, tea plantations.
Stop in the village of Duong Lam. Located 50 km from Hanoi, the village of Duong Lam is known for its 140 houses dating back hundreds of years. Considered a museum of rural life, this ancient village will receive a special conservation.
Lunch with local in the village. Then walk through the village to discover the Mong Phu communal house, Mia Pagoda and old houses.
Return to Hanoi in the late afternoon. Overnight at hotel in Hanoi.

Day 12: Hanoi - Halong and VU Dinh Lan Ha Bay (100km) (B / L / D)

only half an hour by highway Ha Noi-Hai Phong

While Halong Bay is too tourist and shopping, the way to Hanoi it is too crowded, it takes four hours ... why do not we try a travel itinerary outside popular spot, less touristy, and save time by road from Hanoi to the bay, only 1 ½ hours. vietnamviaggiarte opens a new route: Hanoi street-car-port Dinh Vu-bay Halong and Lan Ha

Day 13: Vu Dinh - Hanoi (B / - / -)

In the morning, the dawn wakes up with the sound of waves.
Class of Tai Chi softens fatigue.
Breakfast on board.
Continue the tour to brunch.
11:00 departure to Hanoi. Installation at the hotel.
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