the most common questions for traveller in Vietnam
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 To understand more about Vietnam you need to read these questions and answers.

 Q: What is Vietnamese national religion?
A:  There is no one national religion that is recognized by Vietnamese government. In Vietnam, the people believe in many religions, such as Buddhism, Taoism, Animist, catholic, Caodaism, and some other kinds of animist worshipping. Buddhism has a long historic role and many people believe and practice. But very interesting, one Vietnamese can practice more than one elements of different religions.
Q: what is about salary of Vietnamese people?
A: in Vietnam, there are two kinds of payment, in private sector and state own one.
In private sector, the salary is considered net one after paying all obligatory duties such as for health insurance, trade union, retirement pension, unemployment as the following:
 payment rate of labor, worker from 2014

Kind of payment deducted from salary in labor contract <not below the basic salary) DN (employee/ (%) NLĐ (employer) (%) Cộng (total) (%)
1. retire pension BHXH 18 8 26
2. healthy insurance BHYT 3 1,5 4,5
3. unemployment insurance BHTN 1 1 2 union service KPCĐ 2   2
 Total :Cá»™ng (%) 24 10,5 34,5
In Vietnam, female labor can have retire pension up to 75 % of salary after 25 years working until 55 year old, and for the male after 30 years working, until 60 year old.
In state own sector:
Salary is based on level and rate that has 9 grades and the rate is fixed at 0.33 and it depends on working year, certificates, positions etc in which the labor will get certain level and rate: for example: the first grade is 2.34 and after 3 years working the rate will be increased 0.33 and the level 2, so you have the total salary: basic salary. (2.34+0.33).  the basic salary has 4 types that depend on the region: from 120 USD to 180 usd.
The basic salary is decided by government to control the minimum salary of employee paying to employer who can not pay under that.
Q: Vietnamese people have to pay or not if have health problem?
A: yes, if have labor contract and pay insurance policy. If not, have to pay in hospital.
the government has some policy to help people without health insurance such as aid for the poor, invalid, etc but it is very limited and very little.
The health insurance does not pay every medical service. The payment is covered according to the list of service of the health insurance.
Q: what about the property right in Vietnam?
A: Vietnam is the market economy with the leading role of the unique ruling party named “ communist party”.  The private property right is permitted with almost all assets except agriculture land. The government is doing with its all force to liberate the economy in order to make it more market and more capitalism.
Q:  what about tax policy in Vietnam?
A: there are all kinds of tax and toll!
Income tax : Vietnam Personal Income Tax. Vietnam personal income tax rates are progressive to 35%. Nonresidents are taxed at a flat tax rate of 20%. Nonemployment income is taxed at rates from 0.1% to 25%.
Enterprise income tax 20% if turnover less 1 m USD
Value added Tax < if you are the middle entity not the final consumer, you have not to pay VAT)
Import and export tax depend on products
Q: what is the money of Vietnam?
A: VND, it has value circulated only in Vietnam and the exchange rate is fixed by Central Bank with referent from international market.
Q: what are the main factors contributing to the Vietnamese economy?
A: export of raw material, assembled products, light industry, agriculture, fishery, tourism
Q: what is about Vietnamese education system?
Q: How much does it cost 1 KW, one litre of petrol,
A: about 2000 VND approximate 0,01 USD/KW and 17000 VND, 80 cent USD per littre
Q: how much does it cost to buy and rent house in Vietnam?
A: the price for apartment is from 1000 USD to 2000 usd m2 in big city like Hanoi, HCM, etc, and price for land is aroud 1500 to 5000 usd m2 in big city.
The price from 200 usd to for apartment about 50 square meter
Q: cost to school
A: net fee about 15 usd per month for elementary to high school not mention other cost.
For university about 100 usd up per month not mention other cost
A: age to go school from 6 to study the elementary school that takes 5 years, and 4 years more for middle school and go to high school for 3 years. The compulsory school is from elementary to middle.
Q: what is the most common foreign language taught in Vietnam?
A: English, French
Q: Can the Vietnamese go abroad?
A: it is very easy if you have visa from the destination country.
Q: How much does it take to get a passport?
A: 2 weeks and costs 200.000 vnd
 to be continued.

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